Sustainably Yours

Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows is set in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places on the planet, where the sun is always shining and the beach is beyond pristine.

When you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by such perfection, it’s natural to want to protect it. Fortunately, we are in Santa Monica, a city with a powerful commitment to sustainability. For a while now, Miramar has been working together with the city as well as local nonprofits to sponsor beach cleanups, support extensive recycling initiatives, restore native habitats, and help bring back endangered birds.

And, within the walls of our hotel, we are on track toward achieving our goal of eliminating all single-use plastic in the guest experience by the end of 2022! Tab’leau, our filtered water system that will soon be available on each guest floor, relies on reusable glass bottles to reduce the carbon footprint. We are also lessening our environmental impact by installing Dyrt, a compost system that will turn organic kitchen waste into nutrient-rich soil for our Organic Rooftop Garden, as well as serve the local community. As more of our guests arrive with electric cars, we have installed five RenewAge and Loop electric charging stations on property, making it easy for them to power up and enjoy a smooth ride.

But we can’t do it alone. That’s why we have brought together dedicated luxury partners who share similar values and truly walk the walk. Our five acres–a gorgeous garden in the city–are tended by BrightView, environmental stewards that rely on water conservation initiatives and carbon offsets. Vilebrequin, the stylish French swimwear boutique in our lobby, not only showcases boldly colorful designs, they will create 80 percent of their collections with sustainable fabrics and manufacturing processes by next year. (La Fondation Vilebrequin, their nonprofit arm, is working to turn the tide on plastic pollution around the globe.)

Richard’s Rainwater, available at Dogtown Coffee has a unique model and mission. They capture rainwater, drop by drop, then bottle it in recyclable packaging, helping us avoid depleting scarce water resources in California. Yon-Ka, the beautiful French skincare brand featured in our signature treatment at Exhale Spa, not only incorporates beautiful aromatherapy oils and botanicals, they help protect bee populations at risk by planting fields of flowers in Provence. Also at Exhale, guests can get their chill going with Prospect Farms’ new USDA- certified organic CBD wellness tinctures, grown in a small coastal town in Maine.

Our chefs, wine- and spirit-makers work with local farmers and foragers to source the best and freshest ingredients. The new trio of FIG wines created for us by David Green of Royal Wine & Spirits vineyards in Napa Valley, is made with grapes grown and sustainably harvested. Revel Avilla Agave, featured in a signature cocktail at the Lobby Lounge, is hand-harvested and fertilized with organic seaweed, coconut shells and ash from “El Popo,” a volcano close to their farm.

And, to ensure an unforgettably sustainable stay, we have created Miramar’s new Everblue Sustainability Suite, a wellness oasis created in our premier bi-level bungalow that goes beyond “green” to evoke the deep “blue” sea and our desire to protect it. We have a long partnership with Heal the Bay, a local nonprofit dedicated to restoring Santa Monica Bay. But we wanted to do more. The limited-time Everblue experience begins with exclusive welcome amenities from conscious luxury brands that share goals of zero-waste and low environmental impact.

By joining forces around ethical business practices and sustainable values, we can lessen the environmental impact together. As General Manager Sam Jagger says, “We can make a difference.”

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